Reconstruct sedimentary basins

Solution-based assistance to determine sedimentary basin evolution in 4D, as a foundation to assess commodity endowment.

Experience with industry in a range of geodynamic settings, sedimentation styles, erosional styles, and fluid-commodity migration and trapping:

Continental rift basins:

Gardar rift basin (REE mineralisation), East African rift system (petroleum), Upper Rhine Graben (REE mineralisation), Danish North Sea (petroleum).

A 3D Leapfrog model for basin magmatism and critical metals prospects

Orogenic foreland basins:

Zagros foreland basin, Upper Assam Basin, West Canadian Sedimentary Basin (petroleum).

Inverted extensional basins

Wessex Basin, East Irish Sea Basin, Eastern Black Sea Basin (petroleum).

Supra-detachment basin:

Faeroe-Shetland-Orkney Basin (petroleum).

Global basin/province selection

The exploration sector conducts most evaluations at deposit and smaller scales. It is not evident how the sector performs a preceding exploration stage—rating and prioritising mineralised provinces—to determine which global provinces are prospective enough to warrant investment. Banks et al. (2020) present an objective, repeatable, low-cost method to screen any critical metals province, as a foundation for district-scale investigations or asset evaluations.

It provides the platform to  build a global province screening map and database consistently across national boundaries and organisations.

This recipe be online and open access in September 2020...







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