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Refresh your portfolio evaluation skills

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  • Fun, team-based workshops/professional development courses for your explorationists.

  • Rate and prioritise exploration opportunities by chance, confidence, risk, value and impact.

  • Tailor-made to your commodity, mineral system, deposit-type and prospect portfolio.

Exploration is a future-facing business activity. To estimate the future value of their decisions, executive management need all geoscience data and analyses integrated with project chance of success, confidence, uncertainty, estimated value and risk.

To measure and improve exploration performance, an organisation needs a province, district, play and prospect evaluation and tracking process that is applied and QCed consistently across business units and technical teams.

Let's design a workshop for your geoscience team to enable optimal decision-making:

  • Why acquiring new data does not reduce a project’s risk, nor increase its chance of success.

  • Creating and running multiple working hypotheses.

  • Categorise and map the strength of information.

  • Quickly identify the project's Achilles heel and whether it can be rectified.

  • Identify and mitigate geologists' biases and sources of overconfidence.

  • Uncertainty Analysis.

  • How 4D Total Geology revolutionised petroleum exploration under cover. It could for metals.

  • A global to province to play to district to prospect targeting workflow.

  • An exploration play is the base unit of exploration: instils a portfolio mindset into prospects.

  • Chance of exploration success, geological chance factors and expected value.

  • Incorporating Above Ground Risks, ESG and Social License to Operate into mineral systems.

  • Create a best-practise How To Explore Efficiently handbook across business units.

  • Mineral system consensus, roll-out, buy-in and tracking its uptake across your company.

  • Monitor and improve exploration performance.

  • Permanently improve organisation effectiveness.


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