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Critical metals exploration strategy

A mineral deposit is only one of the focal points of a mineral system's portfolio of deposits.


How many undiscovered deposits could be in your project's mineral system?

                                                                             in your tenements?


Have you placed your critical metals deposit into the wider geological context?

Have you constrained the structural controls of mineralization and post-emplacement geometry?

Let's chat more about your projects upside:

- Build your project's targets through a tectonics to structural to deposit scale sequence. Nature did.

- Prioritize your data acquisition program to fill knoweldge gaps and constrain exploration risks.

- Extend your deposit model along under-explored, structural trends to find extensions.

Some examples of building context and upside for REE projects:

Structurally controlled REE in carbonati
A few uses of REE and other critical met

A few crucial uses of critical metals

Structurally controlled REE in carbonatite dykes exploit the host rock fracture system

Banks et al. 2020. Defining a REE metall
Banks et al. 2020. REE project weakest l

Mapping an entire REE metallogenic province (Banks et al. 2020).

Mapping a REE project's weakest links (Banks et al. 2020).

Banks et al. 2019. An entire REE mineral

An entire REE mineral system (Banks et al. 2019). Could your project have upside along undiscovered mineral system branches?

Banks et al. 2020. REE project favourabi

A REE project's favourability and weak links (Banks et al. 2020). What is your REE project's achilles heel?

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