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Publications on tectonics, structural analysis, mineral and petroleum exploration

A. Tectonics and structural deformation

Mid-ocean ridge extensional tectonics

Lithospheric-scale extensional tectonics

B. Fractured crystalline basement as a commodity reservoir

Visualising fractured crystalline basement reservoirs

Basement highs: definitions, characterisation and origins

C. Systematic exploration workflows:

A systematic recipe to evaluate metallogenic provinces (orthomagmatic-hdrothermal) by value preservation

A systematic recipe to define and map a mineral system for critical metals

Defining a REE mineral system: a foundation to map plays, uncertainty and risks to project value

D. Numerous presentations can be viewed at:

- Mineral exploration targeting workflows

- Compressional, extensional and shear deformation

- Fractured commodity reservoirs

Please feel free to use the material below.

To reference it as an in-text citation: "(Route To Reserves, 2018)".

To reference it in a reference list: Route To Reserves (2018) Library. Available at

Glossary and acronyms

(some follow SPE Technical Report 2016, guidance for decision quality for multicompany upstream projects)

  • COS: Chance (Probability) of Success.

  • ECOS: Economic Chance (Probability) of Success.

  • GCOS: Geological Chance (Probability) of Success.

  • Geological Risk: 1/Geological Chance of Success.

"Geological risk" in resource exploration is not the same as "Geological risk" in risk assessments in environmental geoscience: the latter would be better named "geohazard".

  • Probability: Likelihood of occurrence. Measured by the ratio of favourable cases to the whole number of all cases. A synonym of, and used interchangably with, “Chance” in geological risk assessments.

  • Risk: Threat of loss e.g. exploration investment, credibility or reputation. Also the probability that an event will result in a specified loss or failure.

  • Risk Analysis: An integrated project assessment (resources, probability, economics) under conditions of uncertainty. It is utilised for subsequent Decision Analysis.

  • Risk Management: The science of identifying, analysing and responding to risk factors throughout the life of a project.

  • Uncertainty: The state of limited knowledge preventing exact description of an existing state or future outcome. It can thus be represented as a range of possible outcomes.

  • Value of Information (VOI): The equivalent cost of, or sum willingly paid to obtain, information before making a decision.

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A country's cobalt E&P industry maturity
Data risk for a country's cobalt E&P ind
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