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Structural controls on commodity deposits

  • Build your targeting model through a tectonics to structural to deposit scale sequence; As Nature did.

  • Optimize your data acquisition programs to fill structural knowledge gaps; Structure controls mineralization!

  • Extend your trapping and deposition model along underexplored, prospective, structural trends.

Interpreting effect of faulting on older

Example of cross-section sketching to emphasize the implications of multi-stage deformation on vein systems.

Interpreting faulted blocks.png

Interpretation of top basement tensional and shear deformation c. 2 km deep


Linkage of thrust ramps and flats with pre-existing extensional faults 

Structures and fabrics in drillcore, tea

Fracture characteristics in mineralised drill core: sketched for students during gold drilling 





















































Results-based integration for your structural challenges at tectonic, structural, permeability and mineralized vein scales.

Experienced in a range of geodynamic settings, tectonic stress regimes, deformation styles and implications for mineralizing fluids.

Compressional deformation:

- Zagros, Canadian Rockies, Scottish Highlands, Apennines, Turkey and Cyprus, and Caucasus fold-thrust belts.

Extensional deformation:

- Upper Rhine Graben, Oman, N. Atlantic, North Sea, Wessex Basin, NE India and Mid-Atlantic Ridge rift systems.

Shear deformation

- Mid-Atlantic Ridge, Troodos ophiolite, N. Anatolian and Zagros transform faults, transfer zones and tectonic indentor systems.

Fracture system and vein analyses (satellite imagery, outcrop, image log, wireline logs, drill core):

- Vein-hosted gold mineralization in Tanzania and Greenland.

- Granulation seams in clastic petroleum reservoirs, onshore U.K.

- Fractured carbonate petroleum reservoirs in Iraq, Canada, Italy.

- Fractured basement petroleum reservoirs in Yemen and offshore U.K.

Salt deformation:

- Onshore Yemen, Zagros Foreland Basin.

Undercompacted and overpressured mud diapirism:

- Eastern Black Sea.

Training courses designer and leader. Examples include:

  • Collaborative Seismic Interpretation workshops, MaerskOil, Copenhagen.

  • Fractured Carbonate Reservoirs, Sonatrach senior geoscientists, Algeria.

  • Exploration Team Management and 2D seismic interpretation, PetroVietnam.

  • Structural Geology, to Libya NOC geoscientists and engineers.

  • Fracture systems in carbonate reservoirs, to Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists, Canadian Rockies.

  • Exploration and Petroleum Systems, to financial analysts. Iraqi Zagros.

  • Fold-Thrust Belt Systems, to the Kurdistan Ministry of Natural Resources, Canadian Rockies.

  • Fold-Thrust Belt Systems, to WesternZagros Resources and Gazprom Neft, Canadian Rockies.

Graham Banks. Core logging. Lupa Gold Fi
Fault fracs perm.png
Graham Banks. Exploratory drilling, Lupa
Plastic boudinage then brittle veining a
The Gaga gold reef. 4 to 77 grams per to

Analyzing mineralization networks across a reverse-reactivated fault 

Implications of faulting on quarrying and groundwater flow

Lofdal carbonatite dykes exploit existin

Carbonatite dykes at Lofdal REE project opened 2 existing fracture sets, showing that magma pressure > intermediate compressive stress. Mapping host rock fracture systems can enable estimate of the extent of the mineral deposit.

Drilling and structural logging, Lupa Goldfield, Tanzania

Structural logging, Lupa Goldfield, Tanzania

Assays of up to 70g/ton gold, Lupa Goldfield, Tanzania

Structural logging, a gold project in Greenland

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